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Glass soap dish, made by the artist Alexander Rodriguez.

He describes his business like this,

"I am a person who works a lot with color combinations and contrasts between transparent and opaque colors, I always strive for the viewer to have that "WOW" experience when they see my art glass.

Creativity has no limits and with glass everything is possible.”

-Alexander Rodriguez
glassblower and glass artist.

The glass barrel has a drilled hole in it which causes the water to drain out, it gives the soap a longer shelf life by allowing it to dry between washes.

The barrel is 10cm diameter, 2cm wide from the bottom and slopes slightly upwards to then provide a smooth surface where the soap lies.

The dishes vary in pattern when the light falls on them and do a good job of lighting up a room.

A fantastic little work of art, signed by the artist himself.

Soap dish, glass blown.

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